The Initial Orientation courses in the Basic Training Academy is the first stop for all Colonial Warrior Academy (CWA) students. The Introduction to the Colonial Ministry of Defense exam gives the new members a thorough overview of the CMoD as well as providing a broad look at the CMoD Organizational Handbook. The Promotions and Awards exams offers a more in depth look at our promotion policies and explains what awards we have, who issues them, and what a member needs to do to qualify.

Introduction to the Colonial Ministry of Defense

This course gives the new member a good overview about how the Colonial Ministry of Defense works

Wayne AugustsonMichael Malotte

Promotions Exam

This course covers the CMoD's promotions guidelines and ranks used within the org

Wayne AugustsonMichael Malotte

Awards Exam

This course delves into the CMoD's awards program

Wayne AugustsonMichael Malotte